Choosing the Right Bank for Your Business

Whether you’re starting a new business or you’re simply looking for a new bank for your current business, finding the bank that serves your business best generally isn’t as easy as simply opening an account at the bank where you do your personal banking. Businesses tend to have different needs than individuals, and the fact that a bank does well with personal banking services isn’t always an indication that they’ll be able to best fit the various needs of your new or existing business.What to look for in a bankWhen looking for a new bank for your business, there are a variety of factors that you should keep in mind. Request information on any business-specific services that the bank offers, the interest rates that they offer on certain accounts or the fees that they charge for certain services, and the availability of night deposits or online access to your business accounts. Some banks offer only some of these services, whereas others offer all of them… taking the time to investigate the offerings of several different banks will help you to determine which bank offers the best combination for you and your business.Business servicesMany banks offer services for business that are specific to the needs of those businesses. Some of these services may include specialized account statements detailing various aspects of expenses, interest, and deposits, as well as quarterly tax account preparation. Other business services offered by banks may vary from area to area and from bank to bank, and should be investigated fully before making a decision on one bank or another.Interest ratesInterest rates on business accounts may vary from those offered on personal accounts, depending upon the type of account that you open for your business. Many business accounts may offer no interest at all, and may instead have fees associated with them… it largely depends upon the type of account and the bank at which it is opened. Investigate all of the options available to you so as to find the bank that offers your business the best account options.ChequeingOne type of account that doesn’t differ greatly from those accounts offered to individuals is the chequeing account. While business chequeing accounts do tend to have fees associated with them (as most business accounts do), they function in much the same manner as standard chequeing; there are generally a few differences in the account statements and cheque-writing policies, however. It is important to get as much information on the fees, attributes, and policies associated with a business chequeing account as you can, so be sure to take the time to question the banks about the specifics and compare the account offerings of several different banks in order to get the most out of your business chequeing account.Night deposits and online accessAccessibility is also a major factor that should be considered when choosing a new bank for your business. The bank that you choose should have a night deposit drop box (with a key given to you or to specific people in your business), instead of simply having to use an ATM or wait until business hours. Online account access is another major factor that should be requested… this way you can track your business expenses, account balances, and verify deposits from either your office or the privacy of your own home. Making sure that you find a bank that meets your business needs should be a top priority, so compare the offerings of several banks before you make a final decision.

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